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UFC Quick Quote: Bill Simmons is my hero

bill simmons talks about ufc and boxing

"Boxing could have staved off its decline, at least a little, with a UFC-like business plan that included a constant presence on one cable network, one loaded PPV card per month, one championship belt per division, better marketing and promotion, and a charismatic, accountable leader like Dana White. But it's a pipe dream, and we know it: Too many dirtbags make too much money feeding off the perpetual disorganization and lawlessness, so that's how things will stay. The sport resembles a broken-down mansion that seems as if it can be salvaged -- right until the housing inspector tells you about the water-damaged walls and termite-infested foundation rotted to the core."

-- ESPN Page 2 columnist Bill Simmons on the need to overhaul the current professional boxing landscape using some of the methods implemented by the UFC, because the upcoming Oscar De La Hoya-Floyd Mayweather bout on May 5 will be the sport's "Last Big Fight."