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HBO's 'Entourage' to feature Chuck Liddell thisSunday

Entourage features Chuck Liddell on Sunday

Since the UFC is having a slow time getting its events on HBO, we'll have to settle for the light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell, appearing on the cable channel's hit series, "Entourage," this Sunday.

"Iceman" actually recorded the scene for his "favorite show" late last year -- check out this post from way back when.

Based on the previews from last week, Liddell gets into a heated argument with main character, "Drama," over a parking spot.

And if Drama's beefs with James Woods and Jimmy Kimmel are any indication, it should be a good one.

Anything that includes Drama, actually, is usually good.

Catch Entourage on Sunday nights at 10 p.m on HBO. Or, just check your local listings.

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