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Gabriel Gonzaga returns home on top of the world

gabriel gonzaga talks about his win over cro cop on ufc 70
Naturally, Gabriel Gonzaga received the hero's welcome when he returned to his Team Link training facility at the Marco Alvan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Center in Ludlow, Massachusetts.

That's because the Brazilian grappler annihilated one of the top mixed martial artists on the planet -- Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic -- at UFC 70 with a screaming right high kick.

According to an article on today, it wasn't just a fluke.

Here's a snip:

"Gonzaga worked on kicks like his knockout blow with two top muay thai (Thai boxing) trainers from Brazil - Elcio Machado and Atila Cebola. Gonzaga was quick to thank Cebola specifically in his post-fight interview. Boxing coach Clayton Roberson Jr. was also instrumental in formulating Gonzaga's approach on his feet."

And with a perfect record (4-0) in the Octagon -- and certainly coming off of the biggest accomplishment of his MMA career to date -- "Napao" now has the luxury of focusing exclusively on training.

Here's a snip from Gonzaga:

"Right now, after four fights in the UFC, I can give to my family - for my wife and for my daughter - a better life," said Gonzaga, who will add a baby boy to his brood in a few months. "I'm very, very happy for how the UFC takes care of me. I can do today the thing I've always dreamed of - I can just train to fight."

Look out Randy Couture.

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