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UFC Quick Quote: Elbows contributed to Cro Cop KO

cro cop talks about ufc 70

"Before the fight I was nervous, I was thinking about all sorts of stupid things, I was just in a bad state. Unfortunately, I seem to be that type. I need a rough wake-up call in order to focus again.... After three or four elbows to the temple, I had blurry vision when I stood up. I'm not used to elbows, but that's my problem. I'm also going to do exercises for my injured ankles."

-- UFC heavyweight Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic discusses the moments before his knockout loss via a Gabriel Gonzaga head kick at UFC 70 with In PRIDE FC -- where Cro Cop fought for nearly five years -- elbows were illegal. (Thanks to UFCmania reader "YouTapped" for the assist and translation).

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