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UFC Quick Quote: Mike Swick on life after YushinOkami

mike swick talks about his loss to yushin okami in ufc 69

"All the feedback I have recieved since the fight has been great and I really appreciate it. You guys made me proud in your Swick-Fu shirts! You ninja's were everywhere! I will also say that hearing, excuse me, FEELING 16,000 people chanting my name was unbelievable! That is something you dream about when you are just starting out and doubt will ever happen. I gave everything I had to give you guys a victory. As far as the fight ... Dont worry, it looked worse than it was in the 3rd! haha The only thing beat up or broken after the fight was my pride. I really wanted to put on a great show and win for my home crowd. You cant start a career like this without expecting a bump in the road. No one makes it to the top in this sport without error, but I will say that it hurts bad when it happens. When you get to this level, you feel like you have so many people depending on you to win and when you lose you feel that you let everyone down. BUT, all you can really do now is to pick yourself back up and truck forward, and thats exactly what I plan to do. Lets see ... I think that just about covers it all... Loved the support, Ninjas were crazy, Losing sucks, Came out of fight in one piece, oh and I like ice cream."

-- UFC middleweight fighter Mike "Quick" Swick sends out a message to his fans through MySpace that talks about his loss to Yushin Okami at UFC 69 and his plans to get back on the winning track.

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