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UFC 74: Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

UFC 74 Randy Coutre vs Gabriel Gonzaga
With his thrilling destruction of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 70: "Nations Collide," Gabriel Gonzaga is set to face Randy Couture for the heavyweight title.

According to, that bout is tentatively scheduled for UFC 74 on August 25.

It's an intriguing match up between a fighter who just shocked the world and another fighter who has carved a legacy as a successful underdog.

And one that is unlikely, especially if we rewind to Friday, March 2 — the day before "The Natural" chopped down Tim Sylvia at UFC 68.

Did anyone predict — even think about for that matter -- a championship showdown between Couture and Gonzaga less than two months later?

Sheer craziness; but, apparently, something we're going to see a lot of with the unpredictable nature of the sport.

These last few months, however, have to be the exception and not the rule ... right?

Regardless, Couture and Gonzaga should be a solid fight — albeit a harder bout to market without Cro Cop.

Prior to UFC 70, Couture predicted that Gonzaga would beat the Croatian (certainly not by head kick, of course).

It could have been wishful thinking or legitimate analysis. Or, perhaps, a mix of both.

During the post-fight wrap up, Couture mentioned that Cro Cop would be a better match for him style-wise than Gonzaga.

In fact, here's a snip from the Canadian Press:

"I traditionally do better against guys who are strikers, guys like Chuck (Liddell) and Tim (Sylvia) whose weaknesses tend to be more on the ground. That's an area where I'm strongest, so I can usually comfortably put a guy there. Mirko's also one of this guys. I was confident if I came after him I could put him on the ground. You take a guy like Gonzaga down and you're still not out of the woods. He's an expert in submission. He's a very, very skilled grappler so you've got to be sharp all around."

Does anyone dare to offer up some predictions for this fight, which is really -- when you think about it -- between two classic underdogs?

Good luck -- I'm done trying to figure out these fights ... at least for the near future.