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UFC 70 early results for Saturday

I want to touch on an issue that hopefully answers a lot of questions and emails for the show tomorrow night, UFC 70: "Nations Collide."

Because the show is in Manchester, England, the results for the event will be known before the broadcast airs free on Spike television in North America. In fact, it's about a five-hour time difference.

Therefore, we will have TWO posts for tomorrow's action: one with the latest results and one that just covers the tape-delayed Spike broadcast.

Both will be clearly marked.

Rest assured, you can come to UFCmania and not see any "spoilers." My only suggestion is to not click on the "comments" section in any post -- I can't moderate each comment, minute-by-minute.

We'll be as careful as possible.

Our goal is to cater to readers who want to see the results as they happen, as well as those who want to wait until 9 p.m. This way, people can discuss and comment on the action either in real-time or on the tape delay.

During the televised portion, I'll do my best to ensure that trolls don't comment on the non-spoiler post and ruin the results for the UFCmania readers who want to follow the action along with us.

Having said all of that, UFC 70 begins at around 6:00 in England, which means that it'll be about 1:00 EST when results begin to flow in.

If there are any questions or concerns don't hesitate to leave us a comment.

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

Here's a primer:

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