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Dana White calls Floyd Mayweather's 'bluff'

floys mayweather and oscar de la holla about UFC
Super lightweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is still running his mouth, saying in a recent Yahoo! article that, "UFC's champions can't handle boxing. That's why they are in UFC."

Back in March, we passed along a statement from "Pretty Boy" that more or less dissed UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, as well as the sport of mixed martial arts.

Apparently, he still has more to say on the issue. And, UFC President Dana White — not surprisingly -- has taken the bait, offering to pay Mayweather millions to back up his talk.

Here's a snip from White:

"I used to talk like Floyd Mayweather when I was involved in boxing. I talked just like him, until I educated myself about this sport. These guys are amazing athletes, Floyd Mayweather is one of the best boxers ever, (and) Sean Sherk will whoop his ass in under two minutes. Any day that Mayweather wants to put his money and his ass where his mouth is, I'm ready. If he wants to step up, let's do it. I'm willing to put together a fight for Sean Sherk and Floyd Mayweather with numbers that would make sense for Floyd. And I guarantee you he would not accept it. Floyd Mayweather would never fight in the UFC because he would get his head ripped off."

On May 5, Mayweather will step into the ring with Oscar De La Hoya for what should be an enormous payday — somewhere in the range of $20 million.

Put simply, even the top UFC fighters don't take home that kind of purse on one night ... not even close.

Most likely, this is a cunning move on the part of Mayweather to promote his upcoming bout at a time when his sport is literally on the ropes. It's too bad White has been suckered into a war of words about a hypothetical fight that will never happen.

And even if it does, it would be a laughing stock. In addition, why pay Mayweather millions and not your own fighters?

Wasn't anything learned from the trainwreck that was "Bad Blood?"

Apparently not.

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