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Dana White wants Phil Baroni to KO Frank Shamrock

Phil Baroni
UFC President Dana White has offered to double the payout to Phil Baroni if he can knockout Frank Shamrock at the Strikeforce/EliteXC show on June 22.

Baroni and Shamrock are former UFC fighters. In fact, Shamrock retired from the organization in 1999 as the middleweight champion, defending his title five times before calling it quits.

Over the years, Shamrock and White have sparred verbally through the media about their dislike for one another. For example, White has called him "delusional," while Shamrock responded with, "Dana White is fat and bald."

Real grown-up stuff, right?

Regardless, the long-running heat between Shamrock and Baroni is rather intense. And now that Dana has thrown in his two cents — much more than that most likely — the result of this bout just got all the more intriguing.

To check out a video with Baroni on the upcoming fight and the offer from White just click here (be ready for classic "New York Bad Ass"). Keep in mind, Baroni's purse is unknown at this time so the amount White is prepared to pony up is unclear.

In addition to the anticipated Baroni-Shamrock showdown, there will be some other nice fights in San Jose, California, on June 22. Head over to for the developing fight card for more details.

(Note: Last week, Baroni was arrested in Miami, Florida, because he apparently got into a brawl with some "assailants" and wasn't so cooperative with the police who arrived on the scene. To read more about the incident click here. He says the money from White will help defray some of the costs associated with his defense.)

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