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UFC Quick Quote: Jess Liaudin really doesn't want to attackCro Cop at UFC 70

Jess Liaudin

"... I did an interview with a French magazine, the guy that interviewed me said, 'Don't you think you are going to be a bit overshadowed by Mirko [Filipovic] and [Andrei] Arlovski on the show?' It's a fairly obvious thing -- both of them are very big names and I'm not -- so the guy was just joking around. So I replied with a joke myself, by saying, 'Oh no, I don't think so and if Mirko has got anything to say about it, I would catch him with a flying armbar!' Obviously it was a joke! So then that might have been mistranslated, or people might not have got the joke and the next thing I know, I go on the Internet and people are saying, apparently, I wanted to attack Mirko in the warm-up room and things like that. So it went a bit crazy, I think it was probably a mistranslation but it's obvious: I never claimed that I was going to attack him! Even the gentleman who did the interview posted on the French forum, apologizing, saying that he didn't realize that people wouldn't know it was actually a joke. I mean, come on, a flying armbar? I thought that would be a bit of a hint really ... you know what I mean?"

-- UFC welterweight Jess Liaudin -- who will face Dennis Siver at UFC 70 this weekend -- clears the air about recent comments he made about Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic that were blown out of proportion as told to