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Dana White: No UFC fighters in PRIDE 2007 LWGP

Despite statements, indications and marketing materials that stated otherwise, UFC President Dana White told reporters during a conference call today that the PRIDE FC 2007 Lightweight Grand Prix will comprise just its fighters and no representatives from the UFC.

In addition, the weight limit has not been decided. But, it'll be at either 155 or 170 pounds.

Here's the snip from

"The Lightweight Grand Prix weight class has not yet been decided on either 155lbs or 170lbs. There will be no UFC fighters in the tournament. The UFC and PRIDE are completely separate companies. 'You won't see UFC vs. PRIDE until we do the big event' [said White]."

This is bad news, considering there was a lot of chatter from reliable -- and high ranking -- sources that the UFC would send fighters over to Japan for the 16-man tournament, which is slated to begin on July 16.

There are tons of other little snips contained in the recap of the media session such as the contract status of Fedor Emelianenko, future UFC host cities, ESPN and HBO deals, Jerry Millen and much more.

Go check it out when you have some time.