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UFCmania site updates

Just want to let readers know that we recently migrated our site to a new, dedicated server.

That's the reason we've been quiet since yesterday morning.

It might suck in the short-term, but it is big news for us here at UFCmania.

We've been getting slammed with traffic and our old package was just not up to snuff and it was costing us more in overage fees (kind of like insane cell phone charges when you go over your minutes).

In short, the improvement is going to cost us more to keep the site up, but it should stay up -- no more downtime.

It should also run faster.

This has been on our radar for a while and I'm glad to report that everything went well ... I think.

Updates and news should begin flowing again soon -- sorry for the service interruption.

Please let us know if the site acts up or if there are any problems.

Thanks again!