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UFC fighter rankings by for April

UFC April fighter rankings by

We've finally released our UFC rankings for April 2007.

For the updated version just click here (there's also a tab on the navigation above that takes you there).

I received an insane amount of e-mails about the rankings the last few days -- apologies for not getting them out sooner.

Our new format -- which polls select MMA beat reporters, as well as our small staff here -- takes some time to coordinate.

Regardless, I take all the blame -- everyone who contributes is extremely professional.

This edition has at least one change in each division. And, the welterweight class got stirred up the most.

The heavyweights are no exception with the addition of "Big Nog."

For one reason or another, there are a few writers who prefer to remain anonymous.

Those who we'd like to publicly thank are Dave Doyle from, Steve Seivert from the Houston Chronicle, Pramit Mohapatra from the Baltimore Sun (and, as well as Luke Thomas from

That's all until next time ... tell us what you think.

I know most of you won't hold back.

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