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Report: UFC 72 at Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland

ufc 72 at belfast odyssey arena
We passed along news not too long ago that the next international stop for the UFC after UFC 70: "Nations Collide" would be in Belfast, Ireland, on June 16 for UFC 72.

The location for that event, however, was unconfirmed.

Until now.

According to, the Odyssey Arena in northern Ireland will host UFC 72.

Here's a snip:

"... we have confirmed though various employees there that [UFC 72] be held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on June 16. The Odyssey currently hosts the local ice hockey team in the Belfast Giants, and in that capacity, seats a modest 10,000 spectators (that number could rise with floor seating added). For British fans, Belfast is a trip across the Irish Sea, but to put things into perspective for our American readers, the flight is similar to that of Las Vegas to Los Angeles and budget airline operations between Britain and Ireland may mean that a lot of the Brits will travel for this show."

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