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Diego Sanchez: 'I am a fighter for UFC with a record of 20-0'

diego sanchez ufc record

Denile just ain't a river in Egypt, Diego.

I just visited the MySpace page of Diego Sanchez and noticed something funny.

He claims to have 20 wins against zero defeats, even though he dropped a unanimous decision to bitter rival Josh Koscheck at UFC 69 this weekend.

According to, Sanchez is 17-1. And according to, the "Nightmare" is 19-0 (clearly not updated since the result).

Which source you tend to trust -- and we always use Sherdog -- isn't the issue here. Because neither of them credit Sanchez with 20 mixed martial wins.

Sanchez, apparently, still thinks he is undefeated. Or, it's a rather suspect typo.

You decide.