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UFC Quick Quote: Hughes talks Serra and UFC 69

matt hughes talks about serra and ufc 69

"... just got back from the UFC and it was an interesting weekend for the Welterweights. First, Koscheck did a great job executing and sticking to his game plan. It might not have been the most exciting fight, but Diego was someone who had beaten him twice and he needed to get that win, mentally. Number two, Matt Serra beating Georges was shocking to me. For lack of better terminology. Georges looked a little smaller than usual and he didn't look sharp when he was out there. So, I don't know if pressure had something to do with it or what, but he just didn't look like himself out there and Matt was able to land that big punch. So, hopefully I will be facing Matt in the future."

-- Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes discusses the 170-pound action at UFC 69 this weekend in his blog, as well as a possible showdown with new division champ Matt Serra.