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St. Pierre sans Renzo good for Serra?

UFC 69 georges st pierre vs matt serra
Not too many folks are giving Matt Serra much of a chance this Saturday at UFC 69 when he squares off with welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

That's because "Rush" is perhaps the top pound-for-pound fighter in mixed martial arts — not just the UFC.

Sure, that statement can be debated until the cows come home. But, it's clear that St. Pierre is downright nasty ... he's just about as "well-rounded" as fighters get.

However, one distinct advantage for Serra heading into this fight is his Brazilian jiu-jitsu prowess. In fact, "The Terra" was the first American to earn his black belt under the legendary Renzo Gracie.

In 2006, St. Pierre also began training with Gracie to improve his ground game. But because he was scheduled to fight Serra, he had to find other alternatives to prepare for this bout, according to

Here's a snip from GSP:

"Because Matt is the elder student I didn't train at Renzo's this time. I think the school in New York is the best in the world for jiu-jitsu, but I had to replace that training. I actually brought in Nathan Marquardt and Rashad Evans. I think its going to be the key to the success."

Will it make a difference at UFC 69?

Who knows ... but it's safe to say that Serra needs all the small advantages he can if he is going to win this fight.

And, this could be one of them.