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UFC Quick Quote: Herring ready to put on a show at UFC 69

heath herring on his ufc future

"I just have to trust in my abilities, where I've been, what I've been through. I know what I've gone through. I know all the opponents that I've faced. And I know what my abilities are. So, I'm really not too worried about it. I know I've got a place in the sport for a long time to come. Unfortunately, I feel that people weren't able to see me fight at the top of my abilities at that last fight. So, I need to come out and show everybody what I am capable of as opposed to seeing half of a performance."

-- UFC heavyweight fighter Heath Herring on whether or not his career is at a crossroads with his upcoming bout with Brad Imes at UFC 69 on April 7 from Houston, Texas, as told to Pramit Mohapatra with the Baltimore Sun.

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