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Sanchez on Koscheck: 'I am everything that he wants to be'

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diego sanchez on josh koscheck ufc 69
As promised, delivered the "other" perspective on the rift between welterweights Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck, providing details and a response from the "Nightmare" to recent statements made by his UFC 69 opponent about him and his family.

Here's a snip:

"We were in the same bar, and you know, me and him, we obviously got beef. He knows my cousin personally also, and what was between them is between them. He was talking a lot of s*** about me. My family is a very passionate family, you know. They're going to look you in your eyes and tell you straight up. So I don't doubt it at all, what went down. Im gonna get it settled right now in the ring. (That's) about as far as it goes with me and Koscheck, you know. We don't like each other. It's a personal fight. And personally, I like a personal fight. The last one that I had was with Nick Diaz, and it's funner. You've got something there that means more than just sport. It's passion. I'm a passionate fighter, and I like that."

And more:

"... you know, it all comes down to him being jealous. Jealous, you know, because I am everything that he wants to be. I'm an exciting fighter. I've gone in there, I've put it on the line.... Obviously I won The Ultimate Fighter. That's what he wanted to do. Everything I'm doing, he wishes he was doing. So yeah, he's jealous, and obviously we don't get along. It makes for a good fight, and I'm glad he feels that way, because maybe now he's gonna come in there and fight with me, and really get it on, because that's what I like ... Josh Koscheck's got another thing coming when we step into that ring. I'm sure he's worked very hard, but I've worked very hard also. But I feel I have something he doesn't have. It's inner toughness and heart. That comes from years and years of growing up where I grew up, fighting from day one ...He's a wrestler. He ain't a fighter. He can learn, he can learn, but he can't learn how to scrap, you know. He can't learn how to take a punch. And I'll tell you right now: You watch his fights. He doesn't like to get hit. When I get hit, I come back, and I come back with fire."

There's a ton more where that came from ... just check out the entire interview.

We've covered this issue and rivalry to the point where it's just tired. It's clear that these guys just need to get in the Octagon and put it to bed once and for all.

It can't happen soon enough.

(Interesting note: Sanchez reveals that Matt Hughes has an automatic rematch clause in his contract to fight Georges St. Pierre. Of course, St. Pierre was obligated to fight Matt Serra at UFC 69 first because of the The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) format. However, should St. Pierre win on April 7, it appears that Hughes will most likely be his next opponent.)

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