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Tito Ortiz and Dana White not getting along ...again

tito ortiz dana white box match
It seems like the rocky relationship between UFC President Dana White and light heavyweight fighter Tito Ortiz has hit another snag.

The two were supposed to box this past weekend in a three-round exhibition. It was supposed to be payback for Ortiz, who left the organization a few years back after a bitter contract dispute.

However, Ortiz failed to appear for the weigh-ins and didn't show for the well-known event because the financial terms of the bout were not ironed out beforehand.

Now, Ortiz is feeling the heat from fans and others who think he is a money-hungry mouthpiece who ducked the fight. According to Ortiz, that perception is not only totally innaccurate, but the work of White.

Here's the latest from his MySpace:

"I just got off the phone with The Scott Ferrall show( Sirius radio). He said the fight with Dana was going to be for charity! That is the first time that has ever been brought to my attention that this fight was in any way shape or form going to be viewed by the public, or any proceeds made and given to a charity house. All of my fans know that I spend a huge amount of my time dedicated to charities. I help under priveleged childred, do bi-annual blood drives and many many other things that come from my heart. This wasn't about charity. This is obviously about Dana White trying to save face. He did not want this fight to be viewed by you ( the public) for fear of being punked. I came up with the idea to box Dana, and he agreed wholeheartedly. and dealpoints were discussed. We came to the conclusion that the training would be filmed and shown on Spike TV and the fight would be aired for PPV on UFC's website and He then , a week before... pulled the plug, without an explaination. Well, to me THAT is punking out. And now he has the balls to try to lie and say it was initially for charity? That is LOW, VERY LOW. I have been getting paid for fighting the last 10 years. Im not going to start fighting for free now. But I will box Dana's head for free if it goes to charity. Im trying to fight for what I believe in and I get held down on a consistent basis by Dana. Jealousy? I don't know. But it isn't right. I feel sorry for all the fighters that get taken advantage of, but I will not be that guy. I have gotten quite a few very negative comments by people here on my site, and it bothers me since I really go out of my way to do the right thing, not only for me, but for my family. This is not a hobby for me, it"s my Career! PERIOD! If I don't look out for myself no one will. Love me or Hate me, I will still be fighting, kicking ass and taking names. I've been doing it for the last ten years.. and I will continue to dominate and be the best man I can be."

It seems like Ortiz now has more reason to punch White in the face ... too bad he missed his chance the first time around.

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