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Diego Sanchez: 'I'm going to come back like a lion'

diego sanchez ufc
In addition to training with worldclass boxer Oscar De La Hoya, welterweight contender Diego Sanchez is hitting the mats with top collegiate wrestlers to prepare for his upcoming clash with Josh Koscheck at UFC 69, according to a recent interview with

Koscheck is a four-time NCAA Division I All American and 174-pound champion in 2001 with Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Here a snip from Diego:

"... I've been working with division I All American guys and I'm holding my own. I'm ready for this, my opinion about that is if it goes down, fine. His jiu-jitsu is so far behind me that he's going to be lost. I'm going to take his back, I'll sweep him, and I'll get back up. My guard is my strongest position. Karo took me down a couple of times and he couldn't get in one good shot. I'm very confident. It's my heart that makes me a fighter. I've been fighting my whole life. When he hits me I'm going to come back like a lion."

During the forthcoming interview, Sanchez reveals that he wants his run at the welterweight belt to include highlight real knockouts. And until he can do that consistently, he's not worried about the "big money" or a title shot in the near future.

In fact, he's fine with working his way up the ladder and earning his paycheck until that happens.

Here's another snip:

"For me to make the big money, that I want and deserve, that means working my way up. I have to do my part by putting on electrifying performances. I believe I can do that better than any other UFC fighter. When I get paid it will be deserved. I have to step up and finish my opponents. I had a little streak going with Diaz, Karo, and Allesio, where I didn't finish them. I have to be a man. I have to finish my opponent. I want my championship run to have knockouts."

For Sanchez, a win on April 7 in Houston, Texas, will put him in serious contention for a championship bout. It's between him and Matt Hughes, really, if he can get past Koscheck.


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