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Rich Franklin puts his Hummer on eBay for $80,000

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rich franklin hummer
Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin is auctioning off his 2006 Hummer — the one he received as coach of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 — on eBay for $80,000.

Here's the full description:

"In this auction, we are offering Rich Franklin's custom 2006 Hummer H2! Rich Franklin is a 3-time UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) middleweight champion. If you are a UFC fan, then you probably are already very familiar with who he is and his accomplishments!

Along with his fighting career, you may recall that Rich was a coach, along with Matt Hughes, for Season two of the reality-based television show "Ultimate Fighter."

This Hummer was given to Rich by the UFC, as a gift, for participating in "Ultimate Fighter" Season Two and was featured on the pilot show of "UFC All Access" last year.

Rich has since gotten another vehicle, so he has decided to let his Hummer sell on eBay to the lucky high bidder!"

For UFC/Franklin fans with cash to burn on an uneconomical, gas-guzzling SUV, I guess this is a pretty cool opportunity.

But, don't all jump at once.

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