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Dana White: 'What you hear is bullshit'

UFC President Dana White announces UFC 70UFC President Dana White last night adamantly denied rumors about the Fertittas impending deal to purchase PRIDE FC for $65 million, according to

Here's a snip from White on the situation:

"I ran Wanderlei Silva out there and said he was going to fight Chuck Liddell because Mr. Sakakibara said it was done. So take that for what its worth.... Like most things, about 70 percent of what you hear is bullshit."

This is a departure from previous statements in which White has stuck to the line, "If PRIDE is for sale, I'm interested."

Perhaps this is cautious optimism?

We can only speculate, but even if a deal was in place I'm not so sure how much White would be at liberty to reveal.

For now, just put it in the big bag of conflicting reports regarding this monster issue.

Hopefully, we'll have a resolution to this situation sometime this week.

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