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UFC Miramar: Diego Sanchez tested postive formarijuana

ufc 69 diego sanchez fight
Top UFC welterweight contender Diego Sanchez tested postive for marijuana following his knockout victory over Joe Riggs at UFC Fight Night Miramar in December, according the Orange County Register.

Here's a snip:

"... Diego Sanchez tested positive for marijuana after his first-round KO over Joe Riggs on Dec.13 at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. Armando Garcia, the executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, said Sanchez paid a $500 fine and served a three-month suspension, so he has been cleared to fight Josh Koscheck at UFC 69 on April 7 in Houston."

This is the first I'm hearing of the result and I'm pretty sure we -- or anyone else for that matter -- would have picked up on the news if it were made public sooner.

Of course, Sanchez is a rising star in the division -- having him get busted for pot and be suspended for three months is not the ideal image the UFC wants to project.

(The punishment also sounds like a slap on the wrist -- three months is normal for a fighter between fights ... and $500? Not complaining, just making a point ;)).

But, sweeping this under the carpet doesn't seem too smart, either. Not when he's about to be the marquee attraction at a major UFC event in a few weeks.

Talk about a distraction ... or dare I say it ... a nightmare?

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