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UFC 69 All Access with Georges St. Pierre

ufc 69 georges st pierre
Last month, Rachelle Leah and here ‘UFC All Access' camera crew sloshed across the border to Montreal, Canada, to catch up with UFC Welterweight Georges St. Pierre prior to his upcoming UFC 69 bout with Matt Serra on April 7, according to

Lucky bastard.

Here's a snip:

"According to the official Web site of UFC spokes-model Rachelle Leah, in February she made the trek north to the beautiful city of Montreal to film an episode of the UFC show 'All Access,' with ever-popular Canadian welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

The UFC hasn't scheduled the airdate yet, but they've historically been shown a few days before the pay-per-view, so look for this to appear on SpikeTV in early April.

I wonder if Georges took Rachelle for a smoked-meat sandwich, or maybe some poutine?"

Poutine, according to, is a dish comprising "french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy and sometimes other additional ingredients -- it is a quintessential French-Canadian comfort food.

Sounds scandalous if he did.

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