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Report: Fertitta-DSE deal regarding PRIDE still on

Despite claims to the contrary, is sticking to its guns that not only have the Fertitta brothers — majority owners of Zuffa — reached an agreement with Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE) — the company that owns PRIDE FC — to purchase the Japanese mixed martial arts promotion, but an announcement could come soon.

Here's a snip:

"... sources continue to suggest the sale is imminent, going so far as to say an announcement could come a week from Tuesday."

Reports that an announcement was expected today, which we posted here, were incorrect.

PRIDE FC officials have done their best in recent months, weeks and days to dismiss this monster rumor as just that, a monster rumor.

However, several reputable sources — all of which are in the know — are reporting, essentially, the same news.

In fact, PRIDE FC USA President Ed Fishman, who today filed a $10 million lawsuit against DSE for breach of contract, confirms in the article that the $65 million figure is "similar to what he offered to control" the organization.

One major concern, according to the sources, are "sub-standard" PRIDE fighter contracts, which could make them instant free agents.

But, as MadSquabbles correctly points out, "Yeah, and go where?"

And, that could prove to be a major issue for fighters if this deal is ever consummated. With possession of the two superpower MMA promotions, the Zuffa boys would wield tremendous power and influence over how much fighters get paid, among other things.

We're not going to go there just yet. For all we know, this is one major snowjob on the part of PRIDE CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara and his cronies.

Having said that, this story, which would be the biggest in the relatively short history of the sport to date, is constantly developing. Therefore, I just want to apologize for the conflicting reports.

I'm on the rollercoaster, too, trying to keep an open mind.

Even though it's hard not to trust these statements.

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