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UFC Quick Quote: Jens Pulver the dentist

Jens Pulver the dentist

"It was really fun going to war with BJ. I ended up not liking him a lot as the show went on.... I think he's a great fighter, he has a lot of skills. But the difference is he has no respect for me, and that pisses me off. I'm gonna knock him out, that's all there is to it.... I don't wanna just fight him. I wanna knock the shit out of him. I don't care if I get submitted. As long as I can knock out eight of his teeth, I'll tap right there. This is the biggest fight of my life. I just lost everything. I'm starting from the bottom. This is the biggest fight of my life. Period."

--The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 coach Jens Pulver on his counterpart and eventual opponent, BJ Penn, as told to

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