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Video: BJ Penn beats up Takanori Gomi

He's lost three of his last four bouts, but former UFC welterweight champion BJ Penn is good.

Real good.

Some people think he's squandered his talent with a lack of training and cardio in recent years.


The constant noise motivated me to time travel, then, to the glory days. And, it doesn't get more glorious than the dominant performance laid down on an October night in 2003, defeating Takanori Gomi at a Rumble on the Rock show in Hawaii.

Penn followed the win up with a submission victory over Matt Hughes at UFC 46 in his next fight.

Put simply, I like BJ Penn's skills.

And here's the reason:

That was only three years ago. And he's still only 28 years old.

He's still got it ... somewhere in that large melon.

For the entire fight click here.

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