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Matt Hughes on Joe Rogan; Joe Rogan on DMT

Prior to UFC 68, Matt Hughes revealed during a radio interview that he doesn't care much for UFC ringside announcer, Joe Rogan.

Here's the snip:

"I'm not a huge Joe Rogan fan. Doesn't really know what he's talking about. He's there because he knows how to talk – not because he knows how to fight."

Apparently, Hughes did not see this clip:

Is he a fighter? I dunno. But, that was a pretty slick sub.

I mention this now because, well, a reader just sent me a link to UG forum post that has a gaggle of Rogan-related links that I want to pass along.

In addition to the radio interview and jiu-jitsu submission above, the post included a bit from Rogan on another one of his passions, drugs.

Here's Rogan on the hallucinogenic effects of DMT:

Isolation tank?

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