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Frank Edgar and the $20K kneebar

With seconds to go in an epic lightweight battle, and feeling he had the fight won on the judges scorecards, Frank Edgar (6-0) refused to tap despite being trapped in a grotesque-looking Tyson Griffin (8-1) kneebar at UFC 67.

It was the culmination of a thrilling and spectacular bout, which led to a $20,000 bonus for putting on the "Fight of the Night."

And if you ask me, both fighters deserved more.

Edgar, an accomplished high school and college wrestler who hails from New Jersey, recently spoke with about the win, the famous kneebar and his future.

Here's a snip on the knee:

"My knee is feeling pretty good. It was a little sore for about a week (after the fight) but I have been wrestling around and it hasn't been bothering me. The kneebar was definitely tight but I kept adjusting which made it bearable but there was no way I was tapping with only 45 seconds left, which I was able to see on the big screen. I felt that I had the fight won and tapping was not an option."

And on his next fight:

"Everybody in the 155-pound division is tough so to me it doesn't really matter who I fight. Whoever the UFC would like me to is fine. As far a date I don't have one yet."

Prior to the bout, I didn't know much about Edgar. But, that all changed on February 3. Griffin is a tremendous talent, and Edgar not only hung with him, but also handed him his first career loss.

In a crowded 155-pound division, look for Edgar to make some noise in 2007.

He's good.

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