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Matt Hughes talks Chris Lytle UFC 68 win

matt hughes ufc 68 results
Not too many UFC 68 onlookers were overly impressed with the performance of Matt Hughes during his unanimous decision win over Chris Lytle.

Add Hughes' name to the list.

Here's a snip from his blog:

"I want to thank everyone for their support this weekend. The fight didn't go as planned, I thought that when it hit the ground I would be able to do a lot more than I was able to. Chris did a good job of doing his homework on me, when it hit the ground I thought I would just be able to finish him."

Indeed, Hughes' plan to go back to basics after his loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 65 raised more questions than it answered.

Has Hughes been figured out? Has he reached his peak? Did he demonstrate anything in that fight that shows he is ready for Georges St. Pierre? Or, am I just smoking too many funny cigarettes?

At 170 pounds, Hughes has an unrivaled track record and impeccable credentials. However, there's a new breed of young and dynamic welterweight fighters on the rise ... and Lytle is not one of them.

His next fight should tell the tale, especially if it's against St. Pierre.

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