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UFC 69: Behind the Koscheck-Sanchez feud

The hatred and war-of-words between promising welterweights Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck is intense, leading one to believe that something major happened between the two in the past.

According to a recent interview with Koscheck on, however, there is not one single event or instance that sparked the rivalry. In fact, most of the disdain stems from the their first encounter in the Octagon during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), which Sanchez won via split decision.

Here's a quote mash from "Kos:"

"After we fought on the show we pretty much didn't like each other. When we saw each other he would give me dirty looks and would run his mouth saying he kicked my ass. This and that you know. I don't really know; I just know we don't like each other ... it's more his personality, his look, how he tries to hotdog you and s--t like that. The whole aspect of us getting to fight again is going to be a bitter sweet victory."

As for the recent MySpace message Sanchez left for Koscheck on his profile, it doesn't bother Koscheck one bit ... or so he says.

Here's another snip:

"Actually, I thought it was funny that he would go that low to post something on my MySpace. I have a friend that runs it for me and I don't even go on there and check the messages. I heard it through the grapevine. It's pretty funny and that shit doesn't bother me. I don't get on the forums or read the interviews. I'm just focused on my training and worrying about myself. I don't care what Diego is doing or posting on MySpace. He is obviously nervous about the fight or he wouldn't go on there and do that."

Nervous or not, Koscheck certainly got the message. And, the two will have to wait at least another month -- April 7 -- to settle the dispute once and for all at UFC 69.

It's a fight that does have title title contender implications, not to mention legit bragging rights.

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