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Trainer: Liddell consumed sleepy cocktail

John Hackleman cuck liddell trainer
The long-time trainer for Chuck Liddell, John Hackleman, commented in a recent interview with that Nyquil alone did not knock UFC Light Heavyweight Champion on his ass for an interview on "Good Morning Texas" last week.

Nope, Nyquil had some help in the form of prescription sleep aid pills and a nasty case of pneumonia.

Here's a snip:

On the night before his appearance, Liddell was in Texas and was on the phone with Hackleman, asking what he could take to get some sleep. Hackleman told him to take some and drink lots of water. Apparently, Liddell still couldn't sleep and someone nearby gave him prescription sleep aid pills, which are not supposed to be taken in combination with non-prescription sleep aids like Nyquil. Four hours later, it was time for Liddell to wake up for his TV appearance, and the rest is history.

History is perhaps an understatement. If you haven't seen this interview yet, feel free to check it out right here — it's downright shocking.

According to the article, Liddell has to take antibiotics for two weeks to treat the illness before he can resume training for his upcoming fight in May.

His opponent is undetermined ... and it looks more and more like it will not be Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

That's too bad becasue other than Nyquil and Rampage, there doesn't seem to be anyone or anything capable of derailing the champ right now. It'll be interesting to see who UFC President Dana White lines up in the cage opposite Liddell for UFC 71.

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