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UFC Philly: Pennsylvania to legalize MMA

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pennsylvania legalizing mma and ufc
Pennsylvania is on the verge of lifting its ban on mixed martial arts, meaning we could one day soon experience a major event live from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

According to, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission decided to revisit the issue after an online petition was submitted that contained more than 950 electronic signatures.

That's all it takes?

Perhaps Pennsylvania is an exception, but if less than 1,000 signatures is going to get the ball rolling there imagine the possibilities of similar grassroots initiatives that target the other states in which MMA is outlawed.

I may have to start another blog.

Anyway, Pennsylvania will most likely follow the unified rules in use by most athletic commissions in the United States, according to the article. And, the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, which holds more than 12,000 people, would likely be the first place that most promoters would target.

Pittsburgh is also another viable option.

Philadelphia has some of the most passionate and diehard sports fans on this planet. Trust me, I'm a New York Giants and New Jersey Devils fan. I once saw a grown man make a seven-year-old boy cry for wearing a Scott Stevens sweater.

Put simply, the atmosphere at a Philly UFC event would be off the charts.