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Bisping: 'I don't think anyone in our sport getsprotected'

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michael bisping ufc
Talking on the subject of MMA vs. boxing with The Tampa Tribune, UFC light heavyweight Michael Bisping feels that mixed martial artists don't take tune up fights for big paydays like in boxing.

Here's a snip:

"I don't think anyone in our sport gets protected. Chuck Liddell has been on a terrific run, but he always fights quality competition. They don't give him tune-up fights like they do in boxing. We know the better we fight, the more money we will make. We are more focused on being the best fighters out there than having nice records."

I wonder if Bisping knows that his next opponent at UFC 70, journeyman Elvis Sinosic, boasts an underwhelming 8-9-2 record.

Don't get me wrong, Bisping is a tremendous talent and asset to the UFC. I just can't believe that of all the topics -- and all the things he could've said -- he comes up with that.

If that's not a tune-up fight or being "protected" then I must be retarded.

I guess he doesn't want to make money, either, based on that statement.