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Underdog Couture could bank $2 million for UFC 68 fight with Sylvia

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ufc 68 randy couture underdog
Dave Meltzer from penned a detailed article today for the Los Angeles Times about Randy Couture and his upcoming championship fight with Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 on March 3.

It's a nice background piece for those readers who may be unfamiliar with the storied career of "The Natural."

However, leave it up to me to find only eight lines in the entire article worth highlighting here at

According to the article:

  • Randy Couture could earn upwards of $2 million for the match "if everything goes well on pay-per-view;" and
  • Couture was considered the underdog, and often the longshot, in 10 of his 16 UFC matches, and he ended up with his hand raised on nine of those occasions. The doctrine in the sport has always been that you always bet Couture when he's the underdog. You only question him when he's the favorite. The only time he wasn't favored and also didn't win was in his last fight, where he tried to chase Liddell down, and got knocked out.

Maybe Couture isn't crazy after all — that's some serious coin. And, I can't help but drool over that stat.

I love stats.