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Dana White: ‘I'm not done yet'

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UFC President Dana White announces UFC 70At a press conference today in Manchester, England, to formally announce UFC 70, UFC President Dana White also revealed the acquisition of PRIDE FC heavyweight fighter Fabricio Werdum, according to

The Brazilian will face former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski in his Octagon debut on April 21.

In addition, according to White, there are similar announcements on the horizon.


Here's a snip:

"PRIDE is in deep trouble. We've snatched away half their guys and I'm not done yet."

He also added:

"IFL sucks"

Here are some other top-level items from the clip:

  • UFC plans to hold between four and six shows per year in Europe, including the Ultimate Fight Night specials that air on Spike
  • UFC announced two European TV deals. One with Bravo to carry U.S. pay-per-view (PPV) events, "The Ultimate Fighter" and "UFC Unleashed." And the other with Setanta, which will broadcast the events held in the UK on PPV live for about $30.
  • British fighters will be an important part of the European expansion
  • The Manchester event will follow Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) rules and guidelines

Check out the article for more details — it's loaded with good stuff.