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UFC 68: Jason MacDonald readies for Rich Franklin

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ufc 68 jason macdonald vs rich fralnklin
UFC middleweight contender Jason MacDonald (18-7) will spend the last 10 days of training in the mountains of New Mexico with the Greg Jackson camp to prepare for his upcoming fight with Rich Franklin (20-2) at UFC 68, according to

Here's a snip from "The Athlete:"

"Unfortunately, living where we do, in Alberta, we don't have the quality and the number of training partners as I have down here at Greg Jackson's. So I came down here to Greg Jackson's, to broaden my horizons, learn some new skills, and train with some great athletes."

According to the article, MacDonald jumped back and forth between training with Jackson in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and training in his home province Alberta with Pro Camp and Gracie Barra.

Training with Jackson pupils like Diego Sanchez, Rashad Evans, Nathan Marquardt, Joey Villasenor and others will no doubt provide MacDonald with more skills and stamina, adding to his already technical game.

However, MacDonald won't stray too far from the gameplans he executed flawlessly in upset victories over Ed Herman and Chris Leben when it comes to the former 185-pound champion.

Here's another snip:

"It's no big secret what the game plans are going into the fight. Rich is going to want to try to keep it standing and knock me out, and my intentions are to, hopefully, submit him. But it's just who has the ability to put their gameplan in place on the night is going to come away with the victory."

For Franklin, this will be the first time since mid-2005 that he will compete in a three-round fight.

Even though he's only used the full five championship rounds once in his career (David Loiseau), it'll be interesting to see if the 10 less minutes affects the pace of this bout.

Either way, the night for one of these fighters will most likely end early.