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Tim Sylvia: ‘I consider myself THE best'

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Randy Couture's (14-8) mix of age, inactivity and size will lead to an eventual knockout at UFC 68 on March 3, according to his opponent — and titleholder — Tim Sylvia (23-2) in a recent interview with the Canadian Press.

Sylvia made some other provocative remarks:

  • Randy Couture took the fight after Gabriel Gonzaga and Brandon Vera turned down offers;
  • He "saw some vulnerability" in Mirko "Cro Cop" against Eddie Sanchez at UFC 67;
  • He plans to retire in four years at age 35 (he'll turn 31 in March);
  • He considers Couture a mentor; and
  • He plans a line of hunting DVDs (I couldn't resist, but it's true. Find out how to win a trip to hunt Black Bear with him here.)

The article has some other interesting snips, including analysis and predictions from Joe Rogan and Dean Lister, who is helping Couture train for the upcoming match in Columbus, Ohio.