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News and notes from UFCmania

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ufcmania spokesperson
It's been busy over here at UFCmania the last few weeks and there hasn't much time to update our readers with some of the latest things happening on our site.

Therefore, I just want to take a minute to share some good news:

  • Jesse Holland has done a tremendous job for us the last month or so and has made connections with many of our readers in such a short amount of time. We'd be idiots not to expand his role here because he always delivers fine work. His recent interview with UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre was an awesome contribution to UFCmania. Be on the lookout for more interviews from Jesse and seeing his name more frequently.
  • UFCmania will introduce an MMA handicapper in the next few days who is going to help our readers with the sometimes confusing process of placing smart bets. He is onboard for UFC 68, and if all goes well, we hope he sticks around for much longer. Stay tuned.
  • Not sure if you noticed but we've had two UFC fighters commenting on the site within the last week. I just want to say thanks to Eric Schafer and Jon Fitch -- hopefully these guys are trendsetters.
  • For those readers who comment on posts I want to send out a big thanks. And, I wanted to let you know that we've now made it easier to keep track of the discussions in which you participate with a new feature that emails you when a new comment is added to a specific post. Just check off the little box in the comments section before submitting your comment to receive email updates on a particular post -- this is not SPAM. It's your decision.
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  • Finally, my email was down for the last week or so and I couldn't respond to many of your questions and comments. I got back online last night and had more than 400 emails -- I'm not embellishing. Please know that we appreciate the emails and support and we will get back to as soon as we can.

There's a ton of other good stuff in the pipeline that I can't reveal just yet. But stay tuned and keep reading and commenting. The more support we have from you guys the more we are able to offer here at UFCmania.

Thanks again and again for stopping in -- our readers are great.