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Report: UFC still in hunt to buy PRIDE FC

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Earlier this month, we passed along news that Ed Fishman, president of PRIDE USA, was in serious talks to purchase the Japanese mixed martial arts franchise from Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE).

Well, not much has changed. But, it's worth noting that Zuffa is still in the running to purchase the "ailing" promotion, according to

Here's a snip:

Casino entrepreneur Ed Fishman is still in the hunt to purchase [PRIDE] either partially or in its entirety. Fishman said he will resume talks with [DSE CEO] Nobuyuki Sakakibara this Tuesday, against the backdrop of this weekend's PRIDE 33.... Fishman identified Zuffa, the promoters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as the other main player competing for the purchase of PRIDE at this time. (UFC officials have not publicly verified this claim.)

And a snip from Fishman:

"I don't want this sport to become a monopoly. It will lead to lower paydays for the fighters."

According to the article, Fishman will look to establish a new MMA promotion if the PRIDE deal doesn't materialize.

Out of sheer greed — the prospect of one day seeing the great PRIDE and UFC fighters under one roof — I pray that Fishman gets hit by a bus sometime this weekend.