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Cage Rage: Belfort and Eastman to fight in April

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort will fight Marvin Eastman (13-7-1) at Cage Rage 21 in England on April 21 -- the same day of UFC 70 in Manchester, according to

Eastman recently lost to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 67 via knockout in round one. It was a bout designed to showcase Jackson's skills in his Octagon debut under the guise of a long-awaited rematch.

Mission complete. And, apparently the UFC no longer requires the services of the "Beastman."

Belfort and Eastman clashed at UFC 43 in 2003, with Belfort ending the fight because of the cut you see above with a knee.


Here's a snip from the article:

Though Eastman had been defeated by Belfort four years ago at UFC 43 with a first round KO knee, Cage Rage promoters say they are expecting fireworks in this rematch.

Cage Rage -- the leading MMA promotion in the United Kingdom (UK) -- is attempting to compete for fans with the imminent UFC invasion.

The head-to-head battle -- a three-hour train ride from each other -- recently "heated up," according to a separate article on

Here's a snip:

... upon arrival at Wembley Central, the Tube (subway) station where most of the evening's fans would be arriving prior to their prompt walk over to the arena, they were greeted by huge UFC posters proclaiming 'UFC: April, Manchester.'

On Cage Rage's side, their acquisition of boisterous character Bob Sapp for their April event seems to be no coincidence. In addition, Cage Rage has offered all fans the opportunity to buy tickets for their event at a 20% discount if purchased before next weekend.

The "big, bad wolf" is huffing and puffing. And, the Belfort-Eastman match up appears to be just another part of the game for Cage Rage to compete for a share.

In the end, it'll be interesting to see who wins -- and I'm not talking about Vitor or Marvin.