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NSAC fines and suspends Thiago Alves for eightmonths

thiago alves suspensionThe Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) suspended UFC welterweight contender Thiago Alves (10-3) for eight months and fined him $5,500 for testing positive for a banned diuretic — Spironolactone — in the aftermath of his victory over Tony Desouza (10-3) at UFC 66 on December 30, according to

We've been following this story since the news broke. To read all the various posts on the issue you can get to them here.

Certainly, the NSAC has come down hard on the Brazilian, who trains with the American Top Team camp in Florida.

Alves put on a tremendous performance against DeSouza, and was scheduled to fight Josh Burkman at UFC Fight Night 8 less than four weeks later before the positive results came back.

The suspension means that we won't see Alves for almost a full year. And, he was just starting to make some waves at 170.

I'm not so sure the punishment fits the crime.

Oh well ... I guess he's learned his lesson.

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