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UFC Fight Night 8 medical suspensions

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sean salmon ko
Sean Salmon received an "indefinite" medical suspension from the Florida State Boxing Commission after he survived a brutal Rashad Evans knockout at UFC Fight Night 8 on January 25.

The light heavyweight -- who was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital immediately following the bout -- needs medical clearance before he can return to the Octagon.

Dean Lister and Spencer Fisher are the only other two fighters flagged for suspensions (30 days). Lister requires a CT scan and medical clearance before he can fight again, too.

Other fighters on the card who escaped injury-free include:

Ross Pointon, Rich Clementi, Clay Guida, Din Thomas, Chris Price, Ed Herman, Chad Reiner, Josh Burkman, Nate Marquardt, Hermes Franca, Jake O'Brien, Heath Herring and Evans.

I'm surprised to see Guida not land on this report, considering the damage he took during his loss to Thomas. There was talk that he broke his nose. But, this report contradicts those statements.

Apologies for not getting this up sooner. Florida is a little slow with things and it took a lot of coaxing to finally have them send it over.

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