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Tim Sylvia heads back to Eastbrook in March

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ufc 68 tim sylvia
UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia will return to his hometown in Eastbrook, Maine, for the first time in "years" to make a promotional visit after his fight with Randy Couture at UFC 68 on March 3, according to The Ellsworth American.

Depending on the outcome, it will either be a happy or disappointing visit for the reigning champ, who will greet friends and fans at an open house in the Eastbrook Community Center on Friday, March 9 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Here's snip from Sylvia on the upcoming fight:

"When everyone counts Randy out, that's when he pulls a win. I'm going to go out there and give the best that I can, and put on the best fight anyone has ever seen out of me."

Best fight ever?

The bold statement can be attributed to the stinging criticism Sylvia has received lately for his "careful" approach to fighting recently. His next opponent, Couture, has even remarked that Sylvia has been fighting "not to lose."

We'll find out in about two weeks whether or not he lives up to the statement.

For fans in Maine or the nearby area, Sylvia will be signing autographs at his Eastbrook appearance. According to the article, refreshments and beverages will also be available.

And, fans can purchase t-shirts and other items provided by the UFC.