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Kurt Angle talks UFC and MMA

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kurt angle ufc
Kurt Angle — who earned a gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta — is once again being discussed in mixed martial arts circles, according to

Here's a snip from Angle:

"It looks like I'm going to sign with them [Elite XC] but then all of a sudden Dana White comes along last week and calls Dixie Carter (President of TNA) and says ‘Why is Kurt going to Showtime? I want to talk to him; he should be fighting for Spike, for UFC.'"

Pursuing a 38-year-old amateur wrestler-turned "pro wrestler�? seems odd. Not as odd, however, as the Angle thread that started on the UFC 71 post here at UFCmania.

"Scott" will most likely disagree with me, but it's hard to see the value in a man who is past his prime, suffers from chronic — and serious -- neck injuries, and admittedly has no MMA experience.

Here's another snip from Angle:

"I can't go in there with just my amateur wrestling skills. I need to learn every facet of fighting, I need to learn how to protect myself with striking, submission holds, some jiu-jitsu and how to strike a bit better.... I know these fights could make or break me. If I have a tremendous fight, it could make me shine even more and make me a bigger star, if I don't, than it could have the opposite effect."

For the record, Angle's contract with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) allows him to compete in MMA shows so long as TNA "agrees it is best for him."

Whatever that means.

Not surprisingly, Angle is looking at 43-year-old amateur wrestler-turned MMA legend Randy Couture for inspiration.

Here's a final snip from Angle:

"I'm looking towards Randy Couture, a good friend of mine and a wrestler He knows how to study opponents. Both him and I are not in our prime years, but can we win? Yes, we're still able to go up against the best."

Not for nothing, but the "best" in the WWE doesn't count for much.

Angle will have to draw on his amazing wrestling skills, which have to be rusty after an 11-year layoff from competition, if he has any chance of making a meaningful impact on MMA.

I don't share his optimism.