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Joe Rogan punks Carlos Mencia on ‘Inside the UFC' tonight

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Sorry ... couldn't resist.

Tim Sylvia and Chuck Liddell will actually be featured on "Inside the UFC" tonight as part of "Champions Week" on the weekly SpikeTV program.

Host of the show, Joe Rogan, will take about a half-hour away from humiliating comic Carlos Mencia and interview the two titleholders.

No idea what I'm talking about? Check out the video and link below to see what Rogan has been up to this week.

We'll also get a glimpse into "the world of the men and women who keep the athletes of the Octagon safe — the fight doctors.

Here's the full episode description from

It's Champions Week on "Inside The UFC", as Spike TV's hit series returns this Thursday night at its regular time of midnight with interviews with the UFC's Heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia and Light Heavyweight boss Chuck Liddell.

Host Joe Rogan will also bring fight fans into the world of the men and women who keep the athletes of the Octagon safe – the fight doctors - and catch you up to date with all the news, interviews, and features from the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which can only be seen on Spike TV's weekly news magazine "Inside The UFC", Thursday at Midnight.

The show airs tonight at midnight on Spike. Don't forget that you can also catch up with the episodes after the fact on

As promised, here is video of Rogan tearing up Mencia in front of a live audience at the Comedy Store in California. Mencia has gotten famous thanks in large part to stealing bits from other comedians. And, Rogan lets him have it.

Check it out:

Rogan got himself banned from the Comedy Store because of this confrontation. Check out his thoughts about the decision here.