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Frank Mir to fight Antoni Hardonk at UFC Fight Night 9

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It seems as though the former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir (9-3) is getting another shot to prove he still belongs in the Octagon.

According to and other sources, Mir is tentatively scheduled to fight Antoni Hardonk (5-2) at UFC Fight Night 9 on April 5 at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hardonk is a K-1 kickboxer from the Netherlands who boasts one UFC win — a knockout of Sherman Pendergarst (8-5) at UFC 65 in November.

Since returning to action last year after a devastating motorcycle accident in 2004, Mir has looked like a shell of his former self. In fact, the 27-year old Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist from Las Vegas is 1-2 since making his comeback and could easily be 0-3.

In his first two fights back against Marcio Cruz (loss) and Dan Christison (win) he looked sluggish and out of shape — completely out of character for a guy who earned a reputation as extremely quick and light on his feet.

His belly was downright hilarious. And, it didn't go unnoticed by UFC President Dana White, who has seemed nothing but frustrated since making the "big" announcement that Mir was coming back.

In his most recent fight against Brandon Vera at UFC 65, however, Mir looked much better. But, the results were once again disappointing — a loss via technical knockout in round one.

Who knows if we're ever going to see the "old" Frank Mir ever again. I certainly hope so, but I gave up all hope after the Vera loss.