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Jorge Gurgel opens up new MMA academy ... YAY!

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Last year, I wrote a post about Brad Imes withdrawing from his scheduled UFC 65 bout with Antoni Hardonk.

The news was forgettable, and a few readers let me know about it.

However, this comment sticks with me to this day:

If Brad Imes is dropped from a UFC card, does it make a noise?

I thought it was clever, and at the same time, true.

So, as I'm reading an article today in the Cincinnati Enquirer today about The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season two contestant and UFC lightweight fighter Jorge Gurgel opening a new 13,000 square-foot mixed martial arts academy in Greater Cincinnati, I couldn't help but ask myself a similar question.

If Jorge Gurgel opens up a new gym, does anyone care?

I don't know.

But, I'm not about to let my personal opinions get in the way of sharing some UFC "news."

For what it's worth, Gurgel deserves credit for turning the underwhelming performances he has shown thus far inside the Octagon into a successful business outside the cage.

Too bad the article doesn't shed any light on his move from Brazil and how he got to be where he's at today.

I might care about that.