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Rampage: ‘I don't think Chuck can hurt me'

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is on a collision course with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.

In fact, we passed along information just yesterday that the two are rumored to fight at UFC 71 on May 26. It's a showdown that most knowledgeable mixed martial arts fans have been waiting a long time.

It's also the primary reason Zuffa purchased select assets from "competitor" World Fighting Alliance (WFA) late last year, including Jackson's contract, and put the promotion out of bit-ness.

As we've said numerous times here at, Rampage is one of only three men to beat Liddell (Jeremy Horn and Randy Couture are the others) and is the only one who Liddell has not had the opportunity to redeem himself against.

And if Liddell does indeed get that opportunity on Memorial Day weekend, Rampage seems to think he's got the right style — or perhaps pain threshold — to give the "Iceman" big problems again, according to the Boston Herald.

Here's a snip:

"The difference between me and the guys Chuck's fought is I don't think Chuck can hurt me. I ain't scared of his punches, I ain't scared of his knees, but I am scared of his breath. I'm from the street. I'm just gonna go in there and get 'er done."

To beat Liddell, Rampage also knows that he will most likely have to take the champion to the ground and pound him out like the first time around — no easy task against the legendary sprawler.

Here's another Rampage snip from

"Chuck's takedown defense is the best in the bit-ness. So you really need to set up your takedown correctly, and that's the bit-ness."

Rampage has proven he can take a beating — look no further than his two fights (both losses) to Wanderlei Silva in PRIDE. And, he demonstrated in their first encounter that he can handle the punching power of Liddell and get him to the ground.

Put simply, this is going to be a great fight if and when it happens -- it's not going to be a one-punch, fight is over, kind-of-fight that's for sure.

Will it happen on May 26? Or, will we see a guy like Keith Jardine get his shot first?

Personally, I have zero desire to see Liddell-Jardine right now. But, if it means we see a better fight between Liddell and Rampage later on in the year, then I'm all for it.

Give Rampage all the time he needs to try and break the Ice once again.